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No post scheduled this weekend.  Mod will be attending Gen Con.

Reminder.  Also, Gen Con was awesome.  If I can, I’m returning next year.

Status update

No post scheduled this weekend.  Mod will be attending Gen Con.


Submission by Scarecrow image


2Snacks older 3D model
2Snacks newer 3D model
Backy detailed eyes

Submission in text form here

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Reblogging b/c I had them ordered wrong.

Relevance Part 2

To elaborate on bullshitting it’s trying to convince familiarity where there is none.  So a lot of things in art, from detail to abstraction, may end up being BS depending on the goal.

Examsmanship and the Liberal Arts: A Study in Educational Epistemology by William Perry Jr.

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Pony heads sketch dump by Scarecrow image


Latent learning is things you just pick up.  Play baseball and you’ll develop a swing latently.  Examine your swing or learn about swinging and your swing will improve much faster.



We rely on it, it can blind us, but without it we wouldn’t get anywhere.

General ask tips.

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Ask Moca and Green Breeze (link to post) by Bbru4r

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Mods draw what they want.

Two more things I’d like to note: Mods take into consideration the motivations of the asker, and StrangerDanger handled this very politely.

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