We rely on it, it can blind us, but without it we wouldn’t get anywhere.

General ask tips.

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Ask Moca and Green Breeze (link to post) by Bbru4r

((Bibliography updated))

Mods draw what they want.

Two more things I’d like to note: Mods take into consideration the motivations of the asker, and StrangerDanger handled this very politely.

Featured Art:

Banana Bow Post by StrangerDanger image (NSFW)
from Ask Cookie and Brann image

Writing an ask for a story tumblr.

Tumblr Asks

I skipped how to figure out their motivation so this is more telly than showy, but dang, that would be a paper.

(My canon is Openheim runs this.  He is not a direct translation of myself.)

Writing tumblr ask blog asks.

(Still got another update to do this weekend)

No update today

I, the mod, had a bad week last week.  Anything I wrote I could see laced with bitterness.  I do not want that.  Things have stabilized and improved.

So no update this time, two updates next weekend.  I have a pace to keep.

Writing Tumblr asks

What topic next?

1.  Writing an ask for a tumblr.

2.  What’s needed to philosophize.

3.  Kitsch