(mod)  Busy weekend coming up.  Don’t know if I’ll get to an update.  As consolation here’s the answer to a logic riddle.

"This statement is false."

Answer: It’s not a statement.  Statements by definition are either true or false.  If that can’t be determined, it’s not a statement regardless of what it says.

Formal Logic

(This is it for logic for now.  If you’re interested in more, here’s a series of short videos about it: Critical Thinking)

((Fun note: Informal Logic may not exist!))

Balance example

Balance need not be balanced, we tend to prefer it though. If you know a word to describe the interaction of forces that isn’t balance please tell me. Doesn’t need to be English. It’s just confusing when balance can mean equilibrium and also refer to imbalance.

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(not an April Fool’s thing)

Horror ended. (Woo did it!)  Next stop, stuff closer to the broad domain of aesthetics.

Links: (primary info drawn from)

  • Extra Credits - (General Info)
  • Plague of Gripes - (Psychological. Thriller definition.)
  • Vsauce - (Terror came from this one)
  • Tenenbris - (motivations)
  • Frozen Spector - (discussed ideas with at the start to make sure my ideas made sense. There’s probably a word for that.)

Final word: So whatever I said is what I believed. So thank you dearly anyone who disagreed or challenged me. I wouldn’t get nearly as far without it.

Gore: SecondToLastUnicorn Rebuttal

Gore anchors us to our physicality.

Camp uses

Camp’s overt nature allows for the suspension of belief and presentation of ideas without varnish.

((With advice I’ve changed the orange pony’s color scheme to orange from blue.  No other reasoning than that.  I’ll secret retcon her color later.  My plan is to use her to argue with myself when needed.))

I’ve been stressing out about the next post and that makes my wrist injury act up so it’s not coming along well.  I’m hoping admitting I’m stressed will get me to relax and get on with it.

Jumpscares and Sprinkles.

((Hope I got what you meant, Anon!))

Jump Scare Uses

Jump scares get a physiological reaction.

((I’ve only heard arguments against jump scares.  Anypony know one for?))