Answer to submission commenting on line and style.

I really only touched line media.  Line style I guess I could expand to.

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Your interposition post got me thinking about how certain ways of drawing affect the same drawing.

Just as an example, the two pictures you used in the post show a significant change in presentation. The original was drawn in pencil, and looked much softer. The lines all connected together and made the image come to life. The characters looked like they were actually there to some degree because they had solidity and form.

Then moving over to the second one, ignoring the minor edits, were essentially the same picture. However, because the lines looked up much more broken apart and rough, the characters looked a little less… there. Like they were just statues posing. This is odd considering they were essentially the same picture, nearly line for line.

Again, I’m ignoring the edit made by the second one and looking at the fundamental differences, and I feel this can be shown as an example of how putting a piece together affects the way it looks.

As a personal example, I find this happening a lot with my own artwork. Pieces where I use the sketch, clean it up, and colour it from then on feel much more alive (example linked here). The lines look much more fluent. Yet, when I go to line artwork, it feels a lot less alive, like the lines are artificial (example here. All three characters have been lined.).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that linework in general is a bad thing. My point is that the a picture doesn’t benefit from certain style choices as another picture would. Other things work, and others don’t.

This goes back to a point I made in another submission I made where I mentioned consistency and balance with the realistic eyes from Backy’s post. If another artist were to draw the same picture as the one you used as an example in your post line for line in their own style, it would look weird more than half the time.

Now, I don’t have much else to talk about on the topic, but I wanted to bring it up to encourage some thinking about the topic. However someone who reads this perceives the way this works is up to them. In art, it’s best to interpret things in a way that makes the most sense to you rather than how someone explains it.

Once again, I rambled a little longer than I feel I should have, but I’ve said what I could. Keep up the good work~


Since you obviously are aware of what you are drawing, what is your reason for retaining the ghosted sketch lines?

That has a long and a short answer. Short answer is I like them and I’m lazy. Long answer in here.

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Tangents part 2

Hope this one was more pertinent.

Tangents Part 1

Really, when I was making the fourth panel I realized it was same line tangents that artists are more concerned about rather than derivative of a curve tangents.  So sorry.

Here’s where I made the same math over regular speech mistake before.

Interposition.  Only now I realize I could of said overlap.

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Liking is hard and complicated.

I’m not confident in my horse joke at the end.  It’s meant to mean stuff changes and can pop up that throws you for a loop.  Don’t be satisfied with what you know.

The question isn’t from anon, but an rl friend with no Tumblr presence.  So anon powers go!

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No post scheduled this weekend.  Mod will be attending Gen Con.


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2Snacks older 3D model
2Snacks newer 3D model
Backy detailed eyes

Submission in text form here

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Reblogging b/c I had them ordered wrong.

Relevance Part 2

To elaborate on bullshitting it’s trying to convince familiarity where there is none.  So a lot of things in art, from detail to abstraction, may end up being BS depending on the goal.

Examsmanship and the Liberal Arts: A Study in Educational Epistemology by William Perry Jr.

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